Chris Germain

A few things about me.

I love Jesus. I love people. I love to travel. I love my family see above cute blonde headed girl…her name is Emmie.

I started Genesis Media several years ago because I love how story can be a powerful tool in communicating. Filming something or being “the video guy” was just a means to tell the story.

I am not a huge social media person and I don’t love a room with a thousand people in it. Working in film enables me to connect with people on a personal level. There’s something about physically sitting down with someone, engaging with them, and learning from them that makes my “job” incredible.

Through the years I’ve been lucky to document a lot of really cool things in some really cool places. From Tanzania to The Dominican Republic to Dallas, TX I’ve been all over and been able to work with some great people.

Love what I do. Always have, always will.

Enough about me, what’s your story?