Do you guys travel?

YES!! We love to travel and will travel to anywhere in the world. Just tell us a place and a time and we can make it happen.

Can I pick the music for my film?

In everything we produce we aim to add the most production value to every film. In a desire to respect the musicians who's music we use, we license every song we use in our films. This of course means not EVERY song can be licensed in an affordable manner. We do have an extensive library to pull from that you can listen to. Creatively, we ultimately decide which song is best and fits the flow and feel of the film. However, this does not mean that we don't welcome your ears and input on the musical selection.

How many people will be there to film my wedding?

Typically there is 1 videographer at every wedding. We like to be efficient in how we manage ourselves. Having 1 videographer allows us to move quickly and gives us more creative freedom as we are then able to get the shot we need without moving a bunch of equipment or relocating a large crew. However, if you would like additional videographers, you can select to have additional ones on your big day.

How long before I receive my final wedding film?

We like to work as quickly and efficiently as we can while still not sacrificing the time and effort needed to produce a quality film. Generally, you will receive your complete wedding package 3 weeks after your wedding date.

How will I get my final product?

We like to keep everything seamless and easy for you to enjoy your film anywhere on whatever device you may have. In keeping with this, we will send you your final product via file download link that you will be able to view on whatever platform you like.

What if my question isn't answered here?

If your question isn't answered here, please feel free to use the contact us link and send us a message. You will get a reply within a few hours.